Alpha Team One is a renowned translation and interpretation agency



Conference interpretation:

Alpha Team One offers all forms of conference interpretation services: simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage (whispering) interpretation at conferences, meetings, seminars and other gatherings.

Translation of all types of documents and texts

Our highly professional and experienced pool of translators translate all types of documents, public and private, legal documentation and legislation (laws and secondary legislation, various written decisions, certificates and permits, patents, various records, contracts, forensic findings and opinions, reports, applications and other requests, various criminal and civil litigation documentation, as well as that in all other areas of law, legal opinions, etc.), all kinds of professional papers and studies in all scientific areas, literary texts and archival texts.

Certified translations

Alpha team one provides translations of all documents that need to be certified by court-sworn translators.

Editing and Proof- reading

Editing and proof-reading is included in translation services. We also provide separate editing and proof reading services of all kind of documents and texts

Types of interpreting

Interpreters gathered around Alpha Team One are highly professional and experienced in all forms of interpretation. Their accreditation with international institutions represents the best guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth and listen to speakers through headphones, and, at the same time, they speak into a microphone, interpreting what they hear into their target language. In order to hear the translation, the participants use headphones. When they wish to speak, they must use a microphone.

Consecutive interpreting

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting requires no technical equipment. The interpreter speaks after the speaker has made a statement, or, for longer speeches, after the speaker has expressed a complete thought.

Whispered interpretation (chuchotage)

The speech is interpreted ‘simultaneously’, in the sense that no additional time is required as with consecutive interpreting, but the interpreter whispers, without any technical equipment.