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About us

ALPHA TEAM ONE has been active in the present form for since January 2007. It has been a pleasure for all of us to enrich our professional and overall experiences by making possible reliable communication between people who have something to say, but do so in different languages.

ALPHA TEAM ONE was originally founded by the late Danica 'Biba' Kraljević, a brilliant professional who had a vision of a translation and interpretation agency headed and staffed exclusively by accomplished and internationally renowned interpreters and translators from our region. That vision survives unchanged.

Our success would not have been possible without our eminently capable and hard-working coordinator, Danica Đuričić, who has from our inception made sure that all our work is performed according to the highest standards of quality, satisfying both our clients and our associates.

ALPHA TEAM ONE's co-founders, Biljana Obradović-Vujnović and Vesna Končar-Nikolić, continue developing the agency according to the same principles, constantly seeking to upgrade the quality of services and customer satisfaction.

Biljana Obradović Vujnović

Alpha Team One - Biljana Obradovć Vujnović

Graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada where she acquired the title of Bachelor of Arts with Honors. Worked for many years in the interpretation and translation service of the Federal authorities. Successfully completed a specialized course in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at the Joint Interpretation Service of the European Union. Freelancer since 1996. Accredited interpreter of the interpretation services of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Justice. Member of the board of the Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia and member of AIIC – International Association of Conference Interpreters – Geneva.
CV Biljana Obradović Vujnović

Vesna Končar-Nikolić

Alpha Team One - Vesna Končar-Nikolić

Following studies in Casablanca, she acquired a degree in French language and literature from Belgrade University, and a one-year course organized by the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia Worked for fifteen years as a conference interpreter for the French language for the Governments of Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro, at the highest state level. Freelancer since 2003, partner in ALPHA TEAM ONE since 2011. President of the Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia. Accredited interpreter of the Council of Europe and member of AIIC – International Association of Conference Interpreters – Geneva.
CV Vesna Končar-Nikolić